Are Tonic Site Shop Social Media Template Packs for Canva Worth It?

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Tonic Site Shop Social Media Templates for Canva Content Pack No3

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of Tonic Site Shop. They’re most known for their stunning, top-shelf website templates. But they also have social media template packs for Canva.

Sure, there are plenty of free templates you can use within Canva already. But it can take forever to find one you like and they don’t have that Tonic Site Shop magic touch.

And I guess you could opt for designing your social media graphics from scratch. That is if you want to waste time—and we all know time is money.

I worked in social media in the corporate world for nearly 8 years. Back when people checked into locations on FourSquare and Instagram was just a photo-sharing app…the good ol’ days.

I even offered social media management as a service offering when I first started The SM Collective. So it goes without saying, I’ve created and seen my fair share of social media templates and graphics.

Now whether you’ve purchased one of Tonic Site Shop’s templates before or not, you’re probably wondering…

are Tonic Site Shop social media template packs for Canva actually worth it?

Spoiler Alert: they’re worth it…plus tax…times 9823492 zillion…and then some.

But before we get into that, raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by Instagram? (yes, that’s a Mean Girls reference).

Social media can absolutely be a time and energy suck. You’ve got to come up with the content idea, write the caption, create the graphic, and then hope that more than 5 people—including your mom who’s your biggest cheerleader—see the post you just spent wayyyy too much time on.

And if you’re not a designer, creating graphics for social media is incredibly stressful. Maybe you know what you want it to look like in your head, but you have no idea how to actually make it happen.

Or maybe your creative juices are running low and you’re bored with the same boring templates you see everywhere.

(You’re not alone, it happens to the best of us—even designers.)

Thanks to Tonic Site Shop’s social media template packs for Canva, they’ve rid the Instagram content creation game of “The Plastics” and actually make posting on social media fun again.

Tonic Social Media Template Packs for Canva

If you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with Tonic’s social media template packs. But if you’re still on the fence about whether you should invest in them or not, I’m spilling the tea! Here are 5 reasons why Tonic Site Shop’s social media template packs for Canva are well worth the investment.

Beautifully Designed

If you know anything about Tonic Site Shop, it’s no surprise that these social media template packs for Canva are strategically and beautifully designed.

They spent months and months testing graphics to see what resonated most and what got the most engagement. So you know you’re truly getting the best of the best with these Canva Instagram templates.

These social media template packs are built with the signature Tonic Site Shop strategy. They’re expertly designed to help you engage your audience and stand out in the feed.

They grew their Instagram followers by tens of thousands using these exact Instagram templates. Just imagine what that would do for your business!

Easy To Customize

Aside from being eye-catching and beautiful, these Canva Instagram templates are SO easy to customize. Whether you have a design background or not, turning these templates into branded social media graphics is a breeze.

Tonic Site Shop designed and tested them for 5+ months to ensure they look great with any content and branding—not just with the exact fonts and images used in the templates themselves.

Aside from being easy to customize overall, you can use these templates for more than just Instagram. Easily resize them in Canva for Instagram stories, Pinterest graphics, as covers for guides or freebies, Facebook ads, or even as graphics in your email marketing.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to customizing these social media template packs for Canva!

(here’s a peak at my Instagram feed using the Tonic Site Shop Canva Instagram templates)

Extended Licenses for Fonts & Images

The Tonic Site Shop team truly took these social media template packs for Canva to the next level. They locked in extended licenses for the custom fonts AND the stock imagery & videos used in them!

That means you get to use the stunning Jen Wagner fonts (helloooo, Editor’s Note) and all of the eye-catching stock photos & videos from Editorial Stock Images for your own content. That’s huge!!

And if the fonts and images don’t align with your brand, no problem! Just swap in your brand fonts and imagery—it’s as easy as that.

Get More Creative Time & Energy Back

No more spinning on the content creation hamster wheel. Whether you need to share informational content, launch or sell a product, or (finally) master Instagram Reels…they’ve got you covered.

With these social media template packs for Canva, you no longer have to waste time designing graphics from scratch. Thanks to their beautiful design and ease of customization, you’ll be able to create more content in less time. That’s a win-win for any business owner.

Creating Content for Social Media is Fun Again

When I purchased these templates, it felt like Christmas morning! Within seconds of opening the social media template packs in Canva, I was sucked in and customizing them in no time.

The templates even gave me inspiration for content ideas which feels like a bonus.

Aside from creating these social media template packs for Canva to help with your social media marketing, the team at Tonic Site Shop wanted to make social media fun again…and social.

These templates do that and more!

This is also me giving you a heads up that you’ll also probably want to start customizing them immediately after you purchase them. And then you’ll be in a super productive content creation mode. So just make sure you don’t have any meetings scheduled that day. You’re welcome.

You Need These Tonic Site Shop Social Media Templates for Canva

Now that you know these Canva Instagram templates are well worth the investment, you’re probably wondering which social media template pack to get.

I’ve got you covered!

The best deal is hands-down the social media template bundle. With the template bundle, you get 3 social media template packs for Canva for $390.

To put the investment into perspective, an individual template pack ranges from $150-$200. So as you can see by doing the math, the template bundle is a steal!

I purchased their entire first collection of social media templates for Canva as a bundle. This includes…

What I love about this bundle is that it gives you such a wide variety of templates to choose from. And just because a graphic is part of the sales templates, for example, doesn’t mean you can’t use it for a content-style post.

These social media template packs for Canva are truly SO customizable for whatever your needs are!

Tonic Site Shop just launched Batch No. 3 of their Canva Content Templates. It’s their biggest one yet with over 75 templates and includes a ton of carousel-style templates (they perform really well and get higher engagement than a static post).

It’s also the template pack that is the most expensive at $200. So knowing that you can get 3 template packs for $390…you’d be silly not to get this latest template pack to get even more designs to pick from.

And to save you even more money, you can use code “TSMC15” for 15% off any templates from Tonic Site Shop!

And there you have it—a review of Tonic Site Shop’s social media template packs for Canva! I honestly cannot recommend them enough and they are one of the top 5 best investments I made for my business last year.

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