Is it easy for your audience to find you?

Or is your brand hiding in plain sight?

Right this very second, your ideal client could be searching online for the exact thing that you’re offering—and it’s your job to ensure that they’re able to find you. But how?

seo is the solution

Making your brand more visible online doesn't have to be difficult...

Or, at least, it won’t be difficult anymore once you’re able to properly use the power of search engine optimization to build brand awareness, get more website traffic, and consistently bring in more leads and sales. 

Right now, though—with all of the confusing techy language, overwhelming online resources, and all the ‘helpful expert advice’ that isn’t actually helpful at all—that probably sounds like the hardest thing in the world to master. 

Trust me, I’ve been there—I know how you feel. 

Before mastering SEO, you feel like you are...

Guessing about which keywords you should be using, confused about how “optimization” really works.

Putting tons of effort into the content you post, but STILL not coming up on page 1 of Google, and not understanding why.

Looking up SEO resources, determined to teach yourself how to do it, but quitting as soon as you see all the confusing, techy language the “experts” are using. 

Wishing for inquiries from ideal clients, but checking your inbox to find nothing but red flag leads who don’t value your services.

Publishing blogs every once in a while, hopeful you’ll get results, but ultimately not seeing any you stop publishing blogs altogether.

But after mastering SEO you are finally...

Understanding how to figure out which keywords will help you get the real results you desire.

Using Google tools to make your SEO work to your advantage and build an optimized website.

Feeling completely confident in your search engine optimization skills, never to feel intimidated about “techy language” ever again (because you’ll be an SEO pro!).

Implementing a rock-solid content marketing and blog strategy that brings countless new readers to your website every month.

Knowing how to use search engine algorithms to your advantage to attract more of the right people & earn more money. 

How much more at peace would you feel if getting results were easy?

No more feeling frustrated when you look at your analytics & seeing no traffic increase.

No more going weeks without getting inquiries from the people you want to work with.

No more feeling in the dark about how your competitors are ranking higher than you.



The SEO Blueprint Course

The most comprehensive SEO course for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to learn SEO—without the confusion or overwhelm.

With the support of self-paced modules and monthly group coaching calls, you’ll be able to finally master SEO for good, and get the results you deserve. 

What you'll learn when you enroll in this SEO course...


Module 01. Welcome

The first module will be spent getting you acclimated with the course, the community, and the Google Drive folder of course bonus resources so you can feel 110% empowered and supported as you begin going through the core course content.


Module 02. Basics of SEO

This is where the fun starts to begin! We'll take a deep dive into the basic fundamentals of SEO that you need to know and we'll go through how search engines like Google actually work.


Module 03. On-Page SEO

Next up, you'll learn all about on-page SEO and explore topics like metadata, internal links, anchor text, URLs, and image optimization. And the best part—there's an entire sub-module with nearly 20 lessons on all things keywords and keyword research!


Module 04. SEO Copywriting

Learn the importance of writing for humans, not robots, and everything that goes into using copy to make Google happy. You'll also learn all about the world of website copywriting from my go-to copywriter, Sara of Between the Lines Copy.


Module 05. Content Marketing & Blogging

Forget the days of staring at a blank screen not knowing what to blog about. You'll learn how to solve your audience's problems through content, how to repurpose content so you can work smarter not harder, the recipe for a perfect blog post, and how to use content marketing to your advantage to effortlessly grow your business.


Module 06. Off-Page SEO

Keywords and blogging aren't the only ways to get more website traffic—off-page SEO plays an important role, too. In this module, I'm teaching you how to create a link building strategy that gets you more traffic with minimal effort.


Module 07. Technical SEO

I know the word "technical" can send chills up your spine. But I'm explaining the world of technical SEO in a way that even your technologically-challenged parents would understand. We'll talk about things like page speed, website security & mobile friendliness.


Module 08. Ecommerce SEO

If you sell physical or digital products, this module is for you. Ecommerce shops require a little bit more attention when it comes to SEO. So in this module, you'll not only learn how to optimize category pages and individual product pages, but how to keep the structure of your shop in shape for the best user experience (and to get on Google's good side).

09. & 10.

Module 09. Squarespace SEO Settings & Module 10. Showit SEO Settings

Learn SEO is great and all, but if you don't know where to add the SEO elements on your're missing half of it. I'm spending 2 modules going over all of the SEO settings you need to know and how to easily connect free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console for the most popular website hosting platforms: Squarespace and Showit.

(And if you're an ecommerce based business, yes, a Shopify SEO Settings module is coming to the course this spring!)


Module 11. Data & Analytics

Data and analytics can absolutely be overwhelming with all the graphs, charts, numbers, and year-over-year comparisons. But not here! I'm breaking down the ins-and-outs of tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console so that you can use the data to fuel and grow your business, without the overwhelm.


Module 12: Audit & Maintain

In the final module (or, rather, final as of now—because I have plans to add more content as the world of SEO continues to grow...hello, AI & ChatGPT), you'll learn how to audit both your website and blog content AND how to improve and optimize them for even better results.

and that's not even close to everything

When you enroll in The SEO Blueprint course, you'll also get access to...

monthly seo group coaching calls

So we can hop on Zoom once a month for an hour and you can ask me any and all SEO questions that you have.

Ask questions, get up-to-date news on the world of Google & SEO, network with other course students, RSVP for events, and so more.

an interactive community

live guest expert sessions

So you can learn from industry experts about Pinterest, marketing messaging, website copywriting & branding for a holistic business education.

Because nobody wants to search their downloads folder for random PDFs. Access all of the course bonus resources in one place.

Google drive course bonus resources

course bonus resources include:

SEO Glossary—so you can finally understand what all those seemingly scary tech terms actually mean.

Keywords & Metadata Tracker—this is my #1 favorite resource you get access to and what I use with my own 1:1 SEO clients!

Content Pillar Spreadsheet—so you can write all of those blog posts you said you would, but this time, with an easy and organized plan in place.

Blog Post Master List—so you can create can't-help-but-click blog post headlines that you're audience can't help but want to read.

Target Audience Development Workbook—so you can pin-point your ideal customer and write copy (and content) that speaks directly to them.

Newsletter Content Planner—so you can craft must-open emails that will have your subscribers engaged and excited for the next one to hit their inbox.

you'll get the *best* of both worlds!

Learn SEO at your own pace AND get personalized support.

the seo blueprint doesn't make your choose between diy and done-with-help.

With the combination of self-paced course modules and one live Q&A call every single month, you’ll be able to learn at the pace you’re comfortable with, and get the supplemental support you need from a dedicated mentor.

learn seo the right way

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Hi! I'm Stepf—
Google Superfan, Website Designer & Passionate Educator.

Hi! I'm Stepf— Google Superfan, Website Designer & Passionate Educator.

i'm your seo mentor and i'll be with you every step of the way as you learn the world of seo.

Nothing makes me happier that helping my fellow creative entrepreneurs amplify their visibility and feel more confident in their online presence, and I'm quite literally in love with my role of what I like to call a Digital Dream Home Designer.

I combine my passion for creativity, affinity for education, and love of strategy to help modern business owners like you accomplish your goals and create a welcoming virtual dream home for your business.


It's a little creativity mixed with a little strategy, and I'm here to make SEO approachable, accessible, and sustainable so you can reap the benefits of Google instead of spending all of your time searching for the answers.

"I can't believe how much content you've put into this course!"

—Sable, creative marketing agency owner

Consider all of your SEO questions answered, like...

What do I need to do to rank #1 on Google?

How do I get the right people to see my website?

How does blogging positively impact my business? Is it even worth it?!

What in the world is Google Analytics and how do I use it?

Should I even bother learning the techy SEO terms and acronyms, or....?

How can I use SEO to improve sales for my ecommerce business?

Which website hosting platform is better for SEO: Squarespace or Showit?

Between the extremely comprehensive content and the monthly Q&A calls, it’s safe to say you’ll never have to let your SEO questions go unanswered ever again. All you have to do is join The SEO Blueprint™ & start learning today.

enroll now

Getting your website to rank on Google shouldn't feel like climbing Mount Everest...which is why I'm taking the techy side of SEO and breaking down exactly how to master it, in a way that even your internet-free Grandma could understand.

I know how frustrating it can be to enter the world of (what seems like) overly techy and complicated search engine optimization, but in reality, it’s easy to optimize your website and get the results you deserve. 

And it's my mission to make sure that happens for you.

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choose the payment plan the works best for you

Pay in Full


1 payment of $997*

*Pay in full and receive a FREE 60-minute 1:1 strategy call


4 Monthly Payments


4 payments of $250

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6 Monthly Payments


6 payments of $170

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Why should you enroll in The SEO Blueprint?

With self-paced modules, you’ll be able to finally master SEO for good, and get the results you deserve...on your time.

With the support of monthly group coaching calls, you’ll know for a fact that your optimizations are done right.

With flexible payment plan options, you can start your SEO journey today without breaking the bank.

With guest expert sessions quarterly, you'll learn more than just SEO - you'll get a holistic business education to help your business grow.

With the mindset shift that SEO is an opportunity not an obligation, you'll see just how powerful even the smallest website optimizations can be.

You shouldn't have to depend on TikTok dances & lip syncing Reels for leads.

Battling the Instagram algorithm is exhausting, and while social media is a powerful, beneficial tool, it’s not your only option. By focusing on SEO instead, you can channel your time and effort into doing something that will pay dividends for years, not hours, and earn you actionable results, notvanity metrics.

learn how to master seo

seo is an opportunity not an obligation

And with results like these, you can't ignore the opportunities that SEO has in store for your business.

ignoring the opportunities of seo

embracing the opportunities of seo

This course was made for you if...

You know you should be using SEO to your advantage, but get overwhelmed when it comes to actually doing it.

You are ready to start attracting the right people to your website so you can work with dream clients only.

You want the endless benefits of a solid SEO strategy without paying thousands of dollars for an agency to do it for you.

You care about making your brand more visible online and skyrocketing your organic website traffic.

It may not be the best fit for you if...

You are comfortable with the amount of traffic your site currently gets & the quality of the leads you bring in right now.

You would rather spend hours upon hours Googling and guessing, determined to master SEO alone.

You prefer courses that don’t include the option to learn at your own pace or get support from a trusted mentor.

You don’t care about optimizing your website for SEO & getting easy results.

Enroll in The SEO Blueprint

choose the payment plan the works best for you

Pay in Full


1 payment of $997*

*Pay in full and receive a FREE 60-minute 1:1 strategy call


4 Monthly Payments


4 payments of $250

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6 Monthly Payments


6 payments of $170

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As soon as you finish The SEO Blueprint course you'll be able to...

Feel certain about exactly what your audience is searching for, because you’ll know how to find (and use!) that coveted data.

Create content that answers your target audience’s questions and market yourself as a trusted expert in your field.

Effortlessly grow your audience to new heights, thanks to an optimized, surefire content marketing strategy.

Actually show up in search results, making it easy for your target audience to find you.

Use Google tools to your advantage to help you get more website traffic and more qualified leads.

So, what do you say...are you ready to make your brand more visible online?

I’ve seen firsthand what the power of Google can do, and I want you to be able to reap those benefits: more views, more inquiries, more sales, more money, sure, but also more flexibility to work with the people you actually want to serve, and more time to spend on the things you actually love to do. 

The rat race of social media is exhausting. And while SEO does take time and effort, the payoff is much greater—and you deserve those results. 

join the seo blueprint™

(Or send me a message on Instagram to ask me anything about the course before you sign up!)