Is it easy for your audience to find you? Or is your brand hiding in plain sight?

DIY SEO Course for Small Businesses and creative entrepreneurs

Right this very second, your ideal client could be searching on Google for the exact thing that you’re offering, selling, or teaching—and it’s your job to ensure they’re able to find you. But how?

Making your brand more visible online doesn’t have to be difficult.

Or, at least, it won’t be difficult anymore once you’re able to properly use the power of search engine optimization to grow your business, build brand awareness, increase your website traffic, and consistently bring in more leads and sales. 

Right now, though—with all of the confusing techy language, overwhelming online resources, and all the ‘helpful expert advice’ that isn’t actually helpful at all…that probably sounds like the hardest thing in the world to master.

Trust me, I’ve been there—I know how you feel.

Before mastering seo, you feel like you are…

—Guessing about which keywords you should be using, confused about how “optimization” really works.

—Putting tons of effort into the content your post, but STILL not coming up on page 1 of Google, and not understanding why.

—Looking up SEO resources, determined to teach yourself how to do it, but quitting as soon as you see all the confusing, tech language the “experts” are using.

—Wishing for inquiries from dream clients, but checking your inbox to find nothing but red flag leads who don’t value you or the services you offer.

—Publishing blog posts every once in a while, hopeful you’ll get the results, but ultimately not seeing any ROI…so you stop publishing blogs altogether.

Yup, that's me!

But after mastering SEO you are finally…

—Understanding how to figure out which keywords will help you get the real results you desire.

—Using Google tools to make your SEO work to your advantage and build an optimized website that actually ranks on Google (and ranks on page 1).

—Feeling completely confident in search engine optimization skills, never to feel intimidated about “tech language” ever again (because you’ll be an SEO pro!).

—Implementing a rock-solid content marketing strategy that brings countless new readers to your website every month.

—Knowing how to use search engine algorithms to your advantage to attract more of the right people to your business and earn you more money.

I want this feeling!

SEO is the solution to organically grow your business—and you're about to be a pro at it.

Harness the pwoer of organic SEO

How much more at peace would you feel if getting results were easy?

No more feeling frustrated when you look at your analytics & seeing no traffic increase.

No more going weeks without getting inquiries from the people you want to work with.

No more feeling in the dark about how your competitors are ranking higher than you.


The SEO Blueprint™ Course

With the support of self-paced modules, monthly SEO group coaching calls, an interactive course community, and so much more, you’ll finally be able to master SEO for good and get the results you deserve.

The most comprehensive online DIY seo course for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to learn seo to grow their business without the confusion and overwhelm.

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Hey there, I'm Stepf—Google Superfan & Passionate Educator

Nothing makes me happier that helping my fellow creative entrepreneurs amplify their visibility and feel more confident in their online presence, and I’m quite literally in love with my role of what I like to call a Digital Dream Home Designer.

I combine my passion for creativity, affinity for education, and love of strategy to help modern business owners like you accomplish your goals and create a welcoming virtual dream home for your business.